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People create Mobility

Seeing to it that travellers keep moving, in a way that is as safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible. This is what Vialis excels at.
As the market leader we pursue to keep the Netherlands 'on the move' on all fronts with innovative mobility solutions.

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Mobility in the heart of society

The average European above the age of 12 travels three times a day and is thus en route for over an hour. Per day a European travels between 30 and 40 km. He is longer en route during his leisure time than for his work. There are 170 million private cars in the European Union.

3D animations within projects

One picture says more than a thousand words. Through the three-dimensional visualisation of non-existing traces, surroundings or products, a world comes alive that does not yet exist.
The enthusiastic team of Vialis in Asia is daily working on making 3D visualisation for different international Vialis-projects.

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Finished projects

Public Transportation 

Up to date public transport information in the city of Alkmaar

In the spring of 2008 several bus stop displays and a overview display have been put to operation in the city of Alkmaar. These displays show the ...


Information keeps the Hague's 'little diamond' accessible

  Vialis supplies reliable and accurate travel time information for all the through traffic routes of the 'little diamond' around The Hague. T ...


Depok Depot Indonesia

Optimum Safety for a New Railway Yard The railway line Djakarta-Bogor, on Java, is one of the busiest in Indonesia. This is why there must be ...

Installation and maintenance 

Bus lane and TCI's in Elst

Order by GEM (Gelderse Exploitatie Maatschappij) GEM is working on the development and realisation of the new housing development of "Westeraam" ...


Purmerend currently informed about travel time to Amsterdam

Attention to traffic flow is receiving increasing attention from local governments. Regular tuning is hereby sought with regional and national governments. North-Holland Purmerend municipality decided to install a Dynamic Route Information Panel (DRIP)at the level of the local hospital. This shall state the actual travel times on the route through the center and the route of the A7 Gorslaan. Purmer traffic from neighborhoods North and South route is able to see which route in the direction of Amsterdam is the fastest at that time. Vialis delivered this DRIP and provides the hosting of the Traffic Monitoring and the DRIP server.

Vialis changes gate in Willemstad

West of the North Brabant Willemstad lie (as part of the Delta Plan) the Volkerak locks. To close off the Oosterschelde and the Haringvliet it was decided in late sixties of the last century to build a dam in the Volkerak and locks in the dam. The shipping route between Rotterdam and Germany and also Antwerp and France was thus maintained. Vialis maintains the next 15 years the largest inland locks in Europe (measured by tonnage).

Intention to award achievement A4 Delft-Schiedam A4ALL combination

The Department of Public Works is planning the realization A4 Delft - Schiedam award to the combination A4ALL consisting of Boskalis, Heijmans and VolkerWessels. By the combination A4ALL tender made by Rijkswaterstaat assessed on price, quality, planning, including the timely readiness of the tunnel technical installations, the design quality and the degree of pollution of its surroundings. It is a design and construct contract.

Enjoyable shopping in Venray

To make the center of Venray enjoyable and safer for shoppers and walking visitors, the center is closed for traffic. Vialis delivered a center closing system to Venray, so cars can not enter the center between certain times. In this way, the entire downtown area is the empire of shoppers. The delivered closing center is managed by the Vialis Xcess System (ViXS), allowing management from a central computer (located in the parking office Venray) the whole area and access thereto can be managed and controlled. Vialis carried out the work in Venray on behalf of Kessels Wegenbouw, main contractor of this project.

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